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For the next 24hrs please avoid the following, as the area will be sensitive:

  • Extreme heat (hot baths, saunas, steam)

  • Perfumed products

  • Self tanning products


For the next 3 days avoid:

  • Exfoliates and anti-ageing serums



For 3 days either side of your appointment please avoid:

  • Self tanning products (not completely but just near your brows – the tan can react with the tint, leaving a rather unwelcome shade of green.)


For the next 12hrs please avoid:

  • Getting your brows wet – the products will still be processing

If you had a ‘Brow Shape’ along with your tint/dye you will also need to adhere to the above post wax advice.


Finally, in order to prolong the length of your tint/dye it is advised that you should be careful when cleansing the brows, try not to rub them as even the slightest exfoliation of the skin, will cause the pigment to fade.


Between appointments please also avoid plucking, the chances are we are growing your brows into the ideal shape and plucking even one hair can throw this shape out.  Symmetry is everything!



As you may have seen on our Instagram this treatment is ‘low maintenance’ not ‘no maintenance’.

As well as following the above guidelines - if you’re appointment included and wax and tint/dye -  you should also:



  • Use castor oil on them every night (start this 3 weeks in)

  • Always wash in an upwards fashion

  • Condition each morning (start 2/3 weeks in)

  • Set when wet – brush into place after shower and allow to dry naturally

  • Use an oil based make-up remover to avoid excess dryness or rubbing


If you're a brow treatment addict, like us, then the best way to keep your brows in tip-top condition is to regularly book your 4 week 'Brow Maintenance' appointment.  



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