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Caring for your brows is relatively simple and less is always more when it comes to prepping for your appointment.

We recommend:


  • Avoiding plucking / tweezing the brow area for as long as you can in the run up to your appointment, this will ensure we are able to create the best shape to suit your face. 

  • Avoiding the use of any exfoliants, retinoids, AHAs at least a week prior to your appointment, as these can cause thinning to an already delicate area.  Waxing areas which have been exposed to these ingredients can cause tearing of the skin.

  • Using the brow serum which you will have been provided (if you have seen us previously for a brow appointment) daily, in order to maintain the condition of the brow hair.

  • Avoiding  self tanning products for 3 days prior to your appointment (not completely but just near your brows – the tan can react with the tint, leaving a rather unwelcome shade of green.)

If you are having lamination on your brows it important you check out and follow the 'brow lamination' advice, as detailed in our brow aftercare


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