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terms & conditions

Services and treatments to clients are provided by Neikid beauty or its employees.

All services and treatments are provided solely in the premises of Neikid beauty. Due to the complex nature of treatments, it is impossible to provide such services at the client’s home, office, or any other location.

Access to the premises of Neikid beauty is by appointment / invitation only.


Bookings are made online or via Fresha Scheduling. Bookings are made according to the 'first come first served' principle. A £50 booking deposit is payable in order to confirm a booking for any client. Please kindly note we are unable to keep certain appointment time marked as 'booked' without a booking deposit.

As a client you have the right to cancel your appointment. Please kindly note the booking fee is not refundable and will not be returned to you in case of cancellation.
The rest of the fees that have been paid for the cancelled appointment will be refunded in case the cancellation happens no later than 2 business days before the appointment.
In the very unlikely case that cancellation is initiated by Neikid Beauty (staff illness, for example) the client will be refunded both their booking deposit and any other fees paid.

We welcome children at consultations. However please kindly note due to the delicate nature of our treatments, children are not allowed to treatment appointments. We can not let children into the treatment rooms under any circumstances due to health and safety concerns.

Due to the nature of most of our treatments, the results achieved are often irrevocable.

At Neikid beauty we will ensure that you’re fully informed about the treatments, preparations to treatments, and after care procedures that must be carried out by the clients themselves in comfort of their homes.
As a client you will be asked to confirm your desire to be treated a number of times, and will need to electronically sign a consent form prior to your treatment.
We will ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the suggested changes in look and feel before we proceed. However in case you change your mind after the procedure we will, unfortunately, not be able to revoke the changes or provide any refund. We are counting on your understanding.


Neikid beauty can make no guarantee as to your individual results or how long your Permanent Makeup will last. Client results will vary from person to person. Although it is effective and can last up to a year in most cases, no guarantee can be made about the length of time they will last. Since everyone’s skin is different, it is very important that each client understands that we cannot guarantee how long the pigment will retain in your skin. Retention depends on your skin type, texture, oiliness, and aftercare. Most clients will need a 6-12 month touch-up, but results will vary from person to person. Factors such as hormones, sun exposure, antibiotics and skincare regime also factor into the longevity of your brows.


Booking Policy
We always do our best to meet your booking request. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance. We recommend making future bookings at the end of each service to secure your ideal appointment time. 

Cancellation Policy
In the event you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you may do so by clicking the link in your original booking email or by giving us a call, any time up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you miss an appointment without contacting us within the required time, this is considered a missed appointment and you will forfeit the £50 booking deposit.

Late Policy
If a client is more than 15 minutes late without prior notice for a scheduled appointment, we will consider this a missed appointment and your deposit will be forfeited. We cannot guarantee you a timely rescheduled appointment; please understand that we usually operate at least a 6 week waiting list.

Limitation of liability
In no event shall Neikid beauty, nor any of its officers, directors and employees, be held liable for anything arising out of or in any way connected with your use of this Website, services rendered, and products sold whether such liability is under contract.  Neikid beauty, including its officers, directors and employees shall not be held liable for any indirect, consequential or special liability arising out of or in any way related to your use of this Website, services rendered, and products sold.

We reserve the right to refuse our service
Prices are subject to change; however, we will honour the price your appointment was associated with upon booking.
Prices are subject to changes and further charges may be applicable for corrective work (i.e. correction of another technician's work).
If you have an existing cosmetic tattoo and you wish for us to enhance and/or change your existing tattoo, please email us a few close-up photos so we can determine if we can help.

Each new client is required to attend two sessions; one being the initial procedure and the other session is to fill in any gaps that did not take from the first session 6-8 weeks later. If a client fails to make it to their touch-up appointment in 10 weeks an extra fee will be added to the touch-up appointment.

Please note that on rare occasions, a client may need a third session due to having a skin type that is more resistant to the implantation of pigment or from incorrect aftercare taken and will be charged accordingly.

1. Definitions
1.1 “We”, “Us”, “Our” are all references to Neikid beauty.
1.2 “You” are all references to the client contracting with us under these terms & conditions.
1.3 “Consent form” means a written form recording your consent to a treatment given by you.
1.4 “Deposit” means the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of £50 payable to make a booking.
1.5 “Consultation” means a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our therapists to discuss our services.
1.6 “Treatment” means the initial or a follow up/top up treatment.
1.7 “Follow up/top up treatment” means the treatment, which follows and is a complimentary to the initial treatment, on the strict condition that it is booked within 42 days of your initial treatment.
1.8 “Additional Topup” means the treatment, which follows after a complimentary top up treatment.

2. Booking & Treatment Procedures
2.1 By booking a treatment with us, you fully agree with our terms and conditions.
2.2 For us to make the booking of your treatment, we will need to receive the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit payment of £50.
2.3 Semi-permanent makeup treatments should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant between your initial and a follow up treatment, your follow up appointment is terminated. You accept that you are not entitled to any refund either in full or part.
2.4 If you decide to reschedule your appointment we require at least 48 hours notice. We will allow you to reschedule your appointment 1 time only without any charge. Any further changes to your appointment will be charged at £50 per change.
2.5 We are under no obligation to accept requests from you in the future for any further treatments. Furthermore, we do not need to explain the reasons for any refusals.
2.6.You understand and fully accept the following and therefore take liability of us:
2.6.1 No refunds are allowed regardless of the circumstances or reasons
2.6.2 Booking times of our daily appointments may slip
2.6.3 No free treatments are allowed regardless of the circumstances and reasons.
2.6.4 Micro pigmentation is a form of a tattoo artistry and carries with it possible consequences associated with this type of treatment, including but not limited to infection, scabbing, inconsistent colour and spreading or fading of the pigments.
2.6.5 You agree with the shape and colour of eyebrows that was drawn by the therapist.
2.6.6 The highest standards of hygiene are met and that the sterile disposable needle(s) are used for each individual client, treatment and visit.
2.6.7 The colour may, at first, appear darker, and that at least 50% of colour may be lost as scabbing clears, usually within seven days of the first treatment, in some cases up to fourteen days of the first treatment, and that further treatment(s) may be needed to achieve the correct colour balance.
2.6.8 Semi-permanent make up treatments require regular top-up sessions to maintain the colour and shape, and the duration between maintenance treatments varies depending on each individuals skin type and lifestyle.
2.6.9 You may require an additional treatment following the complimentary top up session, this will be charged at the rate of £125 if performed within 8 weeks of the complimentary top-up session, and from £199 thereafter.
2.6.10 In rare cases, even after several sessions, the desired results may not be achieved due to skin’s failure to assimilate the ink pigments.
2.6.11 Maintenance treatment includes one treatment only. If you require an additional treatment done after it, you will be charged at the rate as in clause 3.6.8.
2.6.12 If you fail to attend your complimentary top up treatment within 42 days of the initial treatment, your complimentary treatment is terminated. You will be charged according to clause 3.6.8.
2.6.13 In case of a correction of a previous semi permanent make up done by another provider, the end result will not be as good as the result when performing a treatment on a fresh skin.
2.6.14 The result of the treatment is determined by the following factors: medications and supplements, skin characteristics (dry, oily, sun damaged etc), natural skin undertones “scarring”, alcohol intake and smoking, general stress, immune system condition, poor diet, post treatment care and lifestyle.
2.6.15 You consent to “before and after” photographs being taken. Before and after pictures of the treated area might be used on social media. This consent can be revoked on the consent form; however please note that we do require the use of photography during the appointment even if the photos are not published on social media.
2.6.16 Pre and post treatment instructions given to you by us are important. Complications may occur if you do not follow the instructions given.

3. Dispute Resolution
3.1 Any disputes or complaints, which arise between us are strictly confidential between ourselves
3.2 If you wish to file a complaint, you agree to send it to our email: and not to publish (or cause the publication of) it any more widely whether orally or in writing to third persons or to the world at large through the use of the internet or any other means.
3.3 We will reply to you within 21 days of complaint being received.
3.4 The resolution of the dispute shall remain private and confidential between the parties.
3.5 If you are unhappy with our response to your complaint then you must refer your complaint to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) for the appointment by CEDR of an independent mediator to seek resolution through mediation.
3.6 The cost of mediation under clause 4.4 shall be borne equally between the parties.
3.7 Only if a formal mediation arranged by CEDR under clause 4.4 fails to resolve your complaint, you can apply to a court.
3.8 The English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear the case.

Arriving for your Appointment
Being on time for your appointment is essential.
Please ensure you have completed the consent form and included a full breakdown of any medications or medical conditions that apply.

If you are running late
Please understand that we allow only 10 minutes to be late for your appointment, if you are 15 minutes late or more, your appointment will be cancelled and 50% payment is required to be paid on your next appointment.

Booking terms
In order to confirm your appointment we require a £50 deposit to all new clients that will be used as part of the payment towards to your service.
This will need to be paid via the booking system on our website and is fully refundable in line with our Terms & Conditions policy.


Cancellation or reschedule
Our cancellation policy is strictly 48 hours for all guests. To reschedule or cancel your appointment is free of charge and can be done other the phone / text message or email.

If we don’t receive 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment then unfortunately, your deposit is non-refundable. If you are a regular guest who fails to turn up for your appointment then unfortunately you will forfeit your first deposit and pay a second deposit before we can schedule new appointment.

These terms and conditions apply to any Client who purchases or plans to purchase services from Neikid beauty. No other terms and conditions referred to by the Client when booking a service with Neikid beauty shall apply, without the prior written agreement of Neikid beauty. For the avoidance of doubt, these terms shall apply from the time a service is booked/accepted by Neikid beauty. By accessing this service, the client fully accepts to comply with the terms and provisions of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and provisions, do not use this service or any other offered by Neikid beauty.

Neikid beauty is committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We would love to stay in contact with you to provide you with exclusive offers and extra information. Your data preferences can be updated at any time.

1.1 Throughout these Terms & Conditions “We”, “Us” and “Our” are all references to the provider of the Services; namely ‘Neikid beauty trading as 'Neikid beauty’;
1.2 Throughout these Terms & Conditions “You” or “Your” are references to the client contracting with Us under these Terms & Conditions.

2.1 “Consent Form” means the prescribed (electronic) written form recording the informed consent to Treatment required by Us and given by You before any Treatment commences.
2.2 “Deposit” means the non-refundable deposit of £50 payable under Clause 3.1 before any Treatment commences.
2.3 “Follow Up Treatment” means the treatment which follows and is complimentary to the Initial Treatment and which is free of charge on the strict condition that it is booked at the time of Your Initial Treatment and is then undertaken within 70 days of Your Initial Treatment.
2.4 “Aftercare Sheets” mean the explanatory guidance sheets relating to Permanent Make Up and the Services which are provided by Us to You at the Initial Consultation.
2.5 “Initial Consultation” means the free 30 minute consultation with one of Our Technicians where Our Services are initially discussed with a view to You deciding if You would like to have any Treatment.
2.6 “Permanent Make Up” means both the process and result of permanent implantation of coloured pigmentation into skin for cosmetic purposes.
2.7 “Price” means the current Price of any Treatment as advertised on the Website on the date when you book an appointment for Treatment and pay the Deposit.
2.8 “Risks” means the risks inherent within the business of providing the Services including (but not to the exclusion of any others) the risk of allergic reaction to a Treatment; the risks of minor bruising, swelling, flaking, tenderness and dryness following Treatment and the risk that the colour of the Permanent Make Up after Treatment will not precisely match the pigmentation colour chosen by You before Treatment.
2.9 “Services” mean those permanent make up procedures and services (either collectively or individually) identified from time to time on the Website.
2.10 “Technician” means the fully trained Technician contracted to Us who conducts the Initial Consultation and/or the Treatment and/or the Follow Up Treatment.
2.11 “Treatment” means the initial treatment and first application of Permanent Make Up following the Initial Consultation.
2.12 “Unsuitable Medical Condition” is any medical condition which makes any Treatment or Follow Up Treatment unsuitable for You whether or not such medical condition is expressly set out in the Consent Form.
2.13 “Website” means

Booking & Treatment Procedures
3.1 If You decide following Your Initial Consultation to utilise any of the Services You agree to make a booking for both the Treatment and the Follow Up Treatment (not more than 70 days thereafter) and pay the Deposit.
3.1.1 Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contra-indicated from all permanent makeup treatment. In the event that you arrive for a full appointment before declaring either pregnancy or breastfeeding, the treatment is 100% payable.
3.1.2 In the event that you become pregnant between your first permanent makeup treatment and your free of charge follow up appointment, the treatment is terminated and the free of charge appointment is lost. You accept that you are not entitled to any refund either in full or part. We agree to recommence the treatment at full cost with a 20% discount applied after your period of confinement. You agree to take this treatment within 24 months of the first treatment. The 20% discount is from the full price at the time of the recommenced treatment.
3.2 We accept that You may need to change Your booking dates arranged under clause 3.1 so on reasonable notice (being not less than 48hrs from the date of Your Treatment and/or Follow Up Treatment) We will allow You, without charge, to re-book Your appointments but strictly conditional upon:
3.2.1 The period of time between the re-booked Treatment and/or Follow Up Treatment still not exceeding 70 days; and
3.2.2 The re-booked date for the Treatment and/or Follow Up Treatment not being greater than 6 months from the original booked dates; and
3.2.3 Our rights (at our sole discretion) to refuse more than one re-booking request from You under the provisions of this clause.
3.3 You accept that any late booking cancellations for Your Treatment and/or Follow Up Treatment (i.e. not in accordance with Clause 3.2) create a financial loss for Us, so accordingly You agree:
3.3.1 To forfeit Your booking deposit in the event that any late booking cancellations fall within 48hrs of the booked date for the Treatment;
3.3.2 To forfeit Your entitlement to the cost of Follow Up Treatment being incorporated within the Price if you cancel Your booking for Follow Up Treatment at any time in the 7 days preceding the Follow Up Treatment (and to pay an additional charge for any re-booked Follow Up Treatment as prescribed from time to time on the Website).
3.4 Whilst We will use Our best endeavours to run Our daily appointments on time, You accept that the precise booking times may slip and you excuse and release Us from any liability for such slippage within any particular working day.
3.5 Whilst We will use Our best endeavours to ensure that bookings for Treatment or Follow Up Treatment are not cancelled, You acknowledge that this is sometimes unavoidable and You agree:
3.5.1 To release Us from any liability for any cancellation by Us which is notified to You more than 2 days before any date booked for Treatment or Follow Up Treatment;
3.5.2 To release Us from any liability when Your choice of Technician is unavailable to provide the Treatment or Follow Up Treatment but an alternative Technician is made available to You at the appointed time;
3.5.3 To the Restrictions & Exclusions at clause 6.
3.6 Neikid beauty shall not be liable for non-performance or delay of performance which is due to any cause beyond its reasonable control including (without limitation) inclement weather, fire, flood, industrial action, explosions, government regulations and orders.
3.7 Subject only to the earlier provisions of this clause, We agree to carry out the Treatment and the Follow Up Treatment upon full payment by You of the Price.
3.8 You agree that We are under no obligation whatsoever to accept requests from You in the future for any further Treatment (and that We do not need to explain the reasons for any such refusal). You also agree that We are under no obligation whatsoever to accept requests for Permanent Make Up which We (in Our sole discretion) consider to be inappropriate.
3.9 You agree that we are not liable for any of your travel costs to or from our clinic on any occasion at whatever time.
4.0 Retouch appointments are only inclusive to clients booking initial treatments listed as “New” with technicians of all levels. For clients booking as model appointments with the training school, as e

ither demo or trainee model, will not be entitled to free of charge retouch appointments.  The free-of-charge retouch appointment must strictly be taken within the 12 week period after the initial treatment and will be chargeable if booked beyond this period.

Payment Terms
4.1 You agree to pay the Price in full on the day of Your booking date for the Treatment.
4.2 We will accept a payment of the Price for the Services via bank transfer and/or cash and/or debit card and/or credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) and/or Paypal but We will not accept cheques.
4.3 If payment of the Price is not made in accordance with the earlier provisions of this clause then We reserve the right to cancel the booking for Your Treatment without penalty and to retain the Deposit.
4.4 Subject to Our rights under Clause 4.3 You will be given credit for the Deposit when You pay the Price for the Services.
4.5 If for any reason You obtain the benefit of Our Services without paying the Price in accordance with Clause 4.1 then You agree to pay Us interest on the Price from the date of Your Treatment until payment at the rate of 5% above the Bank of England base rate (as varied from time to time) with such interest being compounded on a quarterly basis.
4.5.1 This action shall be without prejudice to any sums due and without any liability whatsoever to the Client or any Third Party.

5.1 We agree to provide the Services through Our Technicians using the standard of care to be reasonably expected of a commercial provider of the Services. We also agree only to use materials and products sourced in Europe or the United States of America (and whether organic, inorganic, synthetic organic or synthetic inorganic) which, at the time of Your treatment, comply fully with all applicable legal regulations within the United Kingdom and the European Union.
5.2 You accept and agree:
5.2.1 that Our Technicians are not qualified to give You any medical advice;
5.2.2 that Our Technicians are entitled to rely without further enquiry on the consent to Treatment given by you in the Consent Form;
5.2.3 that as an adult (over 18 years old) the decision to have Treatment has been made by You and You alone;
5.2.4 that You will accept the result of Your Treatment and/or Follow Up Treatment without any legal recourse to Us on the understanding that You will pre-approve both the shape and colouring of the Permanent Make Up at the beginning of Your Treatment;
5.2.5 that you will read and follow the recommendations made within the Aftercare Sheets;
5.2.6 that certain factors beyond Our control (including Your own specific skin characteristics) create Risks which you understand and for which you take full and sole responsibility;
5.2.7 that there are everyday risks of post-treatment infection (in and around the area of Treatment) which are beyond Our control and for which you take full and sole responsibility;
5.2.8 that You have decided (with appropriate advice from your General Practitioner to the extent appropriate) that You do not suffer from an Unsuitable Medical Condition; and
5.2.9 that to the extent (notwithstanding the terms of this clause and Your acceptance of the Risks) You wish to make a complaint which relates in any way (whether directly or indirectly) to Our provision of the Services, then you will make such complaints strictly in compliance with clause 8.
5.2.10 that in very rare cases, the pigment will not hold at all due to skin type. You agree that although we will endeavour to work with best practise, we cannot be held responsible for low or no pigment uptake.
5.2.11 that some skins may not retain the ‘crispness’ of the pigmented hairstroke and others (although rare) may not retain the hairstroke at all as it can blur over time.
5.3 Neikid beauty will comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and exercise reasonable care and skill in delivering Services to Clients.

6.1 If You breach any of these Terms & Conditions (save for clause 8.1.2 where such breach is addressed separately under clause 6.2) then Your maximum liability to Us will be any unpaid balance of the Price for Our Services together with any interest due under clause 4.5.
6.2 If you breach clause 8.1.2 and publish (or cause to be published) any defamatory statements about Us or any of Our Technicians to any third parties (whether through the use of social media or otherwise) then We reserve the right to claim damages against You in defamation proceedings before the Court for such sum as We are advised to claim by Our legal advisors.
6.3 Although Neikid beauty will exercise reasonable care and take reasonable precaution the Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Neikid beauty from and against all claims made in respect of:
6.3.1 Personal injury (including injury, illness or disease resulting in death) and/or loss of or damage to any property other than to the extent such loss, damage or injury is due to, or directly arises from the negligence of Neikid beauty, its employees or contractors acting in the performance of their duties, or fraudulent misrepresentation by Neikid beauty.
6.4 If We breach these Terms & Conditions then Our maximum liability to You will be the Price (or any part of it) paid by You for the Services and it shall not extend further to any other consequential losses whatsoever which You have (or claim to have) suffered as a result of Our breach. Whether for breach of this agreement or in tort, Neikid beauty shall not be liable to the Client for any consequential or indirect loss.

7.1 We agree to keep Your personal data strictly in accordance with the Provisions of the Data Protection Act 1980 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.
7.2 Neikid beauty are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection.
7.3 Full information regarding how we use your data will be provided alongside these terms and conditions.
7.4  Personal data is defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (the “GDPR”) as ‘any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier’.
7.5  Information collected will be used solely for the purposes of providing background information when contacting you to arrange training or to deliver products. We like to maintain a relationship with our Clients so we will hold your data for as long as we feel there is a legitimate interest to both parties, You may request that we delete your data at any time.
7.6 Neikid beauty may disclose your contact information to our business agents and service providers for the purposes above who may be located outside the EU.
7.7 ‘Miss Caroline Linford’ is our designated ‘Appointed Contact Person’, any questions can be directed to
7.8 You agree to keep any dispute or complaints which arise between Us strictly confidential between ourselves and our respective legal advisors and any mediator appointed under clause 8.1.2

Dispute Resolution
8.1 If You have any cause to complain about Us or any of Our Technicians and Your Complaint in any way relates to Our provision of the Services then You agree in the first instance:
8.1.1 to put your complaint in writing to Neikid beauty using the email address; and
8.1.2. Not to publish (or cause the publication of) Your complaint any more widely whether orally to third persons, in writing to third persons or to the world at large through the use of the internet.
8.2 We will investigate Your complaint and give our considered response to it within 21 days of Your complaint being received.
8.3 If You accept any settlement outcome offered by Us in Our written response to Your complaint, then that settlement outcome will be implemented in full and final settlement and the terms of settlement shall remain private and confidential between the parties (or any legal advisors if applicable).
8.4 If You are unhappy with our response to Your complaint then you must refer your complaint to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (“CEDR”) for the appointment by CEDR of an independent mediator to seek resolution through mediation.
8.5 The cost of mediation under clause 8.4 shall be borne equally by You and by Us.
8.6 Only if a formal mediation arranged by CEDR under clause 8.4 fails to resolve Your complain can you take the opportunity to put Your complaint to a court (and in such a case the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine your complaint).
8.7 For the avoidance of any doubt, Your obligation at clause 8.1.2 shall be an ongoing obligation until (but not beyond) the delivery of a final judgment in open court on any legal claim which you commence in accordance with the provisions of this clause.

9.1 These Terms & Conditions shall survive any sale by Us of Our business for the benefit of Our business successor but otherwise they shall not be capable of assignment without the written consent of both parties.
9.2 Wherever within these Terms & Conditions reference is made to “notice” or “notification” then such notice must be given by You in writing to Us using the email address and notices to You will be delivered via email to Your last known email address (or alternatively by post to Your last known postal address).
9.3 Our failure to insist in any one or more instances upon the strict performance of any of the provisions herein or to take advantage of any of Our rights hereunder shall not be construed as a waiver to any such provisions or the relinquishment of any such rights which shall continue to have full force and effect.
9.4 These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of England & Wales and, subject strictly to the provisions of clause 8 in relation to complaints made by You, the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine disputes arising hereunder.

Edition Date: Feb 21

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